Looking for a cheap casual format? Look no further!

Common Commander is the pauper version of the popular Commander format

Choose your favorite uncommon creature as your commander and select 99 common cards in its colors

20 starting life makes games short and interesting

Deck Construction
  1. A deck consists of 99 common cards and 1 uncommon commander
  2. Other than basic lands, the deck may only contain one copy of each card
  3. The color identity of the commander dictates which other cards the deck may contain
Game Play
  1. Games are usually played as 1 on 1
  2. Each player begins the game at 20 life
  3. Each player has one free muligan
  4. A commander:
    1. Starts the game in the Command Zone
    2. May be played from the Command Zone using normal timing restrictions
    3. Costs an additional 2 generic mana for every time it was cast from the Command Zone this game
    4. May be moved to the Command Zone as a replacement effect when it would have been put into a Library, Hand, Graveyard, or Exile
Getting Started

Building a deck for a new format can be a difficult task. This page should give you a quick overview of the important features of the format.

When playing with only commons some of the most impactful cards are missing; There are no planeswalkers, there are (almost) no board clears, and very few creatures can win the game singlehandedly. This means that games will oftentimes be won by tempo plays or by incremental card advantage.

Some Decks:

Mistmeadow Witch Stonehorn Dignitary Mulldrifter Kor Cartographer
Bloodbraid Elf Stone Rain Arc Lightning Trusted Forcemage
Enigma Drake Thought Scour Lightning Bolt Delver of Secrets
Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage Sakura-Tribe Elder Mwonvuli Acid-Moss Walker of the Grove
Rakdos Cackler Rakdos Shred-Freak Choking Sands Bump in the Night
Sultai Soothsayer Death Denied Undertaker Archaeomancer
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. The commander does not have to be a legendary creature
  2. There is currently no ban list
  3. There is no special "Commander Damage"
  4. A card may be played as part of the 99 card deck, if a common version of the card exists either online or in paper
  5. A card may be played as the commander, if an uncommon version of the card exists either online or in paper
  6. Some cards have both uncommon and common versions, which means that they can be played as either the commander or as a normal card in the deck, but not both in the same deck
  7. Common Commander uses the same rules regarding color identity as regular Commander